OPKF Croco Grain Genuine Leather Watch Strap – Light Brown (for Panerai)


Category: OPKF
Appearance: Croco Grain Leather (Remborded Edge)
Material: Calfskin
Color: Light Brown
Thickness: 5.0~3.5mm (±1mm)
Note: –

It’s suitable for big and heavy watches. It’s padded and tapered toward its tail. The lining material is water resistance, anti-allergic.

Wearing instruction:
  1. Keep the straps away from water.
  2. Do not use any leather maintenance products to maintain your leather straps, components of maintenance products may interact with the dyes and cause chemical changes.
  3. Please try not to wear 24hours a day. Let the leather pore get to breath freely.
  4. Leather straps easily get mildewed in the drawers. Do not put the leather straps in nonadjustable Electronic Dry Cabinet, the bands will split easily.
  5. Leather straps needs to be stored in well-ventilated areas that are not too dry, at a relative humidity between 40-60%.
  1. Our all leather straps are using water dyed leather. Body temperature, skin oil and sweat can lead discoloring and fading.
  2. Pictures may have a slight chromatism problem due to the resolution of the monitor. Product color is subject to the actual strap.
  1. International orders are shipped from New Taipei City, Taiwan.
  2. Standard shipping is via EMS or SF-express (H.K. & Macao).
  3. Estimated shipping time is 3-15 business days.