Tito Clock Watch Industrial, Co., Ltd. started in 1989 as a family-run workshop. In a small factory in Taiwan, Min-Chin Ko, handcrafted a collection of leather watch straps using delicate skills. Before long, consumers began to seek out the perfect quality of Tito’s craftsmanship. Now with great expansion, the company continues to maintain the highest standards for materials and workmanship.

With the expertise on making watch straps which was built up almost over 30 years, the company reflects a strong devotion to tradition and elegance on a collection of leather watch straps. Each piece is the result of marvelous craftsmanship: the cutting of the leather to the hand-sewing of the parts, each step contributes to the durability and quality.

Tito’s distribution strategy is multi-channel. With an excellent reputation for creating leather watch straps, the products are now sold in many countries such as Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine, U.S. and Germany.

In Taiwan, Tito sells products through the greatest channel, watch chain stores throughout Taiwan. Besides, we also have our products sold to other personal retail stores. We are willing to share our successful experience to any of customers who are doing the wholesaling business.


Aifeier Tito leather watch bands are handcrafted – one by one. It takes more than 30 steps to complete a quality band. Aifeier Tito is not only a leather craft but also a sense of fashion and trend. The silicon series stand comfort wear and simple style; meanwhile, it provides a different choice of sporty voguish straps.